climate change

26th December 2017 Alec 0

I sit at the bar of the Robin Hood in St Albans with a pint of Harvey’s Sussex Best. It’s Christmas Eve and I couldn’t […]

CAMRA World Beer Festival

22nd August 2017 Alec 9

CAMRA’s future and what it should campaign for has been under review since last year’s Revitalisation Project. Whichever direction the group takes – and for […]

festival fatigue

22nd August 2017 Alec 4

There is increasing fatigue expressed towards beer festivals which coincides with a boom in their numbers – everywhere has one now. That might be a […]

the best beers out in 2016

4th December 2016 Alec 2

It’s time to reflect on 2016, its beers and the places I drank them in. Frequently lugging a camera about has helped preserve my memories […]

The humble shoehorn

28th October 2016 Alec 0

The post I had envisaged writing has been ruined by research. This often happens. I was planning to chart the change in cask ale at […]