10th May 2018 Alec 2

In the eleventh century, the Roman Catholic and Orthodox branches of Christianity separated to follow different interpretations of the Filioque Clause – this was about […]

art, sensuality & sexism

23rd January 2018 Alec 5

An age ago, I worked for the pest control company Rentokil and I got signed onto a pigeon control course. There was one sole woman […]


22nd August 2017 Alec 0

Ancoats in Manchester has a new addition: on Bengal Street, a new business has set up. From the outside it looks like the door to […]

Session 117: look to the future

4th November 2016 Alec 1

This month, is hosting session 117 of Beer Blogging Friday. The Session 117 Announcement: More, more, more… The aim is for bloggers to paint the following: […]