demon diacetyl

18th July 2022 Alec 0

The taste and smell of diacetyl is widely described as buttery, butterscotch or caramel and has become much maligned within the craft beer world. But […]


31st October 2019 Alec 3

Joker follows the story of Arthur Fleck – a misfit singleton who lives with his mother. On the surface, Arthur’s childlike in both speech and […]

Number 1 Horninglow Street

7th September 2019 Alec 3

Waitrose doesn’t discount its sell-by date products heavily enough in my opinion, taking off just 25p whilst its competitor, Marks & Spencer razes prices to […]

an evening on the lout

29th August 2019 Alec 7

Every year, I’m obliged to write a post about British lager during the summer because that’s when lager reigns supreme – even devoted ivory-haired CAMRA […]

keepers of the flame

21st August 2019 Alec 1

By the time you read this, some of England’s most totemic landmarks will have been felled by high explosive. The local crowds spectating – both […]