The humble shoehorn

28th October 2016 Alec 0

The post I had envisaged writing has been ruined by research. This often happens. I was planning to chart the change in cask ale at […]

The London Beer Writers

21st October 2016 Alec 2

On Wednesday evening, the London Beer Writers Meetup took place at the Craft Beer Company, St Mary Axe in London’s financial district. The Meetup consisted […]

core strength

17th October 2016 Alec 0

Until recently, when a new brewery opened in Britain, it started with a bitter. It might then go on to brew a best bitter, a […]

No Picture

on writing – cliché

14th October 2016 Alec 0

why cliché should be avoided like the … erm … an airborne infectious disease   Tonight we have an eclectic mix, a veritable smorgasbord of […]